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A supportive learning environment promotes the development of critical thinking skills, fosters awareness of diversity and multiculturalism, and supports learning. The child’s development in each domain (language, social, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional) is sustained, extended, and enhanced primarily through activities that promote purposeful play. Our programs therefore, accommodate planned and unplanned, as well as structured and unstructured experiences in a warm, nurturing and educational environment. Daily Routines include well-defined learning centers that encourage integration of multiple content areas. These routines encourage the development of self-confidence by offering children multiple opportunities to make choices, encourage curiosity, problem-solving, and the generation of ideas and fantasy through exploration. All routines are implemented for flexibility to meet individual needs and provide opportunities for the success of all children.

What we teach

When children are engaged, they learn. When they are matched with caring leaders and a positive community of peers, they build healthy relationships. And when they are introduced to the wonder, power and mystery of the God of the universe, they are forever changed. These are our goals at LCCPA. Through fun music, lively storytelling, and high energy activities, we demonstrate God's story-a story filled with amazing feats, heroic sacrifice, and unbreakable love. What kid wouldn't get excited about that?!